Biblical Archaeology Review 17:1, January/February 1991
Dead Sea Scrolls Update

Chief Dead Sea Scroll Editor Denounces Judaism, Israel; Claims He’s Seen Four More Scrolls Found by Bedouin

By Avi Katzman

John Strugnell, chief editor of the Dead Sea Scrolls, agreed to an interview provided I report it not only in the Hebrew paper for which I write, Ha-Aretz, but also in an English-language publication. The Hebrew article appeared in Ha-Aretz on November 9, 1990. The following article, for BAR, fulfills my obligation to report the interview in an English-language publication as well.

The interview took place on October 28, 1990 in Professor Strugnell’s small room at the “French School,” the École Biblique et Archéologique Française in east Jerusalem. Although Strugnell drank beer throughout the interview—this did not surprise me as his drinking habits are well known in Jerusalem—he did not appear to be inebriated. He was lucid and spoke in a firm voice.

It was he who first brought up the subject of his anti-Semitism. When I asked him whether he was anti-Israel, he replied, “That’s a sneaky way of coming at the anti-Semitic question, isn’t it?”

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