Biblical Archaeology Review 17:2, March/April 1991
Dead Sea Scrolls Update

Major Players

New Chief Editors

Emanuel Tov. A brilliant young scholar from Hebrew University. Whether he is an effective administrator remains to be seen. Recently published a fragmentary scroll of the 12 minor prophets in Greek.

Eugene Ulrich. Notre Dame University professor. Brilliant student of Cross and Strugnell. Cross reassigned most of his Biblical texts from Wadi Qumran to Ulrich in 1985. Ulrich inherited the hoard of Biblical texts assigned to Catholic University professor Patrick Skehan, who died in 1980. Eleven years later, Ulrich is reportedly ready to publish some of them. Claims, according to the Jerusalem Post, that the editing of the Dead Sea Scrolls “has in fact suffered not from footdragging but from undue haste.” Says the demand for quicker publication repects the attitude of our “fast-food society” and its quest for speedy gratification. Concedes his own “arrogance” as the basis for his belief that allowing outside scholars to work on the scrolls would produce irremedial mistakes. Adamantly opposes releasing photographs of unpublished texts. Considers BAR’s effort to obtain release of the scrolls “evil.” Refused to appear at a Smithsonian forum with BAR’s editor.

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