Biblical Archaeology Review 18:1, January/February 1992

Queries & Comments

God Forbids It

As Christians, my husband and I have subscribed to BAR for several years and enjoyed many articles on the history and archaeology of Bible lands. However, we were dismayed to find a full-page ad for a porcelain sculpture of the Mother Goddess in the BAR 17:05 issue (p. 15).

To the New Age man or woman, this represents the goddess of life itself, the counterfeit spirit that permeates the universe as the very image of sexual power, deity and ecstasy. She represents a powerful role model to those who have been deceived by man’s master enemy, Satan! As such she is being worshipped around the world.

The crystal the goddess holds in her hand represents occult psychic power and those who meditate upon it are entering the world of sorcery.

The Lord God, however, looks upon this as an abomination. Since the Scriptures address this very frankly in many places, we feel it is not fitting for your magazine to carry such an ad.

For luring people into these practices with objects such as the goddess (or Queen of Heaven, as she is sometimes called—see Jeremiah 7:18) you will be held accountable to God one day!

The lengthy article in the same issue, “Understanding Asherah—Exploring Semitic Iconography” by Ruth Hestrin, should have made you well aware of the dangers of making or possessing these images. God forbids it!

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