Until 1968, Gamla was thought to be located on a small spur in the Wadi Rukkad, a deep gorge now in the no-man’s-land between Israel and Syria, about six miles southeast of Gamla. This site was suggested in 1924 by the German scholar Gustav Dalman (Orte und Wege Jesu [Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1967 (1924)], p. 10, n. 3). It was based on an incorrect identification of Tarichaea at the southern end of Sea of Galilee (Pliny the Elder writing in the first century C.E. wrongly identified Tarichaea as being south of Tiberias [Historia Naturalis 5.71]) and on the assumption that a nearby village named Jamila was a corruption of Gamla. In fact, jamila means “beautiful” in Arabic.

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