Biblical Archaeology Review 18:3, May/June 1992

Nahman Avigad: In Memoriam

By Frank Moore Cross

Nahman Avigad was born in the Galician town of Zawalow (then in Austria, now in the Ukraine), on September 25, 1905, the son of Isak and Perl Reiss. He died at age 86 in Jerusalem on January 28, 1992. His childhood and schooling took place in Brno, Czechoslovakia, where his family had moved, and he completed his undergraduate training at the University of Brno, receiving a degree in architecture. He immigrated to Israel in 1925, and in 1929 began his long career with the Department of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, then in its early years of development, serving in several capacities, as a field archaeologist, architect, curator, editor and artist.

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