Biblical Archaeology Review 18:3, May/June 1992

Even Briefer

Biblical Archaeology Review

The Message of the Scrolls

Yigael Yadin, ed. James H. Charlesworth (Crossroad, 1992)

Originally published in 1957 to mark the tenth anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, this reprint includes a new forward and brief essay on “The Genius of Yadin” by scholar James H. Charlesworth, a selected English bibliography of Yadin’s publications, and 15 black-and-white photos. Yadin’s description of how his father, E. L. Sukenik, first learned of the ancient manuscripts’ existence, how the scrolls were recovered and what they contain is a good introduction for the general reader.

Then and Now

Stefania and Dominic Perring (Macmillan, 1991)

Two archaeologists use acetate overlays on top of full-color contemporary photographs to recreate the ancient appearance of 20 sites that range from the well-known Acropolis and Roman Colosseum to less-famous Mesa Verde and Zimbabwe. The clear, concise text provides descriptions of each scene, placing it in historical and cultural context with many color photographs and drawings of artifacts, maps, coins and architectural details.

Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions: Corpus and Concordance

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