Biblical Archaeology Review 18:4, July/August 1992

Queries & Comments

Seeks the Original Bible

I am interested only in the life and teachings of Jesus. I am not interested in the ways of the people of that time or their artifacts. I will subscribe to six more issues of BAR in the hope that by that time you will be able to tell me whether I can now purchase the original books of the Bible as they were written before men got into the act and distorted them, and also whether you will have the best interpretations of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I have been involved in what is called “A Course in Miracles” for the past 15 years and that is why I would be interested in the original Bible and the scrolls. “A Course in Miracles” is about the search for truth in each of us and that is my quest.

George A Nelson Chicago, Illinois

Kansas City vs. Washington, DC

Your article, “Not So Up-to-Date in Kansas City,” BAR 18:02, greatly offends me and many others, I’m sure. While I am not a resident of Kansas City, I do work in the city and live in a neighboring suburb.

The entire first column of your article was spent running down Kansas City, speaking of “mediocre restaurants,” accommodations you were displeased with and stating that your annual meeting was just “too big for Kansas City.”

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