Biblical Archaeology Review 18:5, September/October 1992
Dead Sea Scrolls Research Council: Fragments

Bits & Pieces

Correction on Annenberg Research Institute

In “Meyers Leaves Annenberg Research Institute; Dead Sea Scrolls Project on Track,” BAR 18:04, we reported that the Annenberg Research Institute of Philadelphia will be absorbed into the University of Pennsylvania, but that its Dead Sea Scroll research project would not be affected. We received a telephone call from Albert Wood, a member of ARI’s executive committee, informing us that ARI was still “negotiating with the University of Pennsylvania” and that the parties were still “far from a yes or no.” According to Wood, “Walter Annenberg feels he would like us to join with the University of Pennsylvania,” and the parties “are trying to resolve matters in an amicable way.” In the past, ARI has looked into a possible merger with Temple University and with Bryn Mawr College, but these discussions never worked out. “It has to be good for both sides,” Wood said. The parties are engaged in “intimate discussions that are not for the press. They would only distort it,” Wood added.

BAR Editor Receives Haverford Award

BAR editor Hershel Shanks was presented with the Haverford Award at alumni-day ceremonies at Haverford College, in Haverford, Pennsylvania, on May 30, 1992.

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