Biblical Archaeology Review 18:5, September/October 1992

Even Briefer

Biblical Archaeology Review

Understanding Roman Inscriptions

Lawrence Keppie (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 1991)

This book about Roman inscriptions and their significance is a valuable resource for nonspecialists. Written on permanent materials, inscriptions help archaeologists confirm and amplify what they know about great events and provide a direct link to the lives and occupations of ordinary people. The 101 illustrations include 85 black-and-white photos of inscriptions in situ.

Burial Patterns & Cultural Diversity in Late Bronze Age Canaan

Rivka Gonen (Eisenbrauns, 1992)

American Schools of Oriental Research Dissertation Series. From bench burials to open-pit burials from anthropoid coffins to structural tombs—this volume provides an updated and revised version of the author’s doctoral dissertation (under Benjamin Mazar and Trude Dothan). Changes in burial customs become an aid to understanding culture and social structures in Canaan during the settlement period. Illustrated with drawings of site plans and pottery styles, with an extensive bibliography.

The Biblical Lands

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