Biblical Archaeology Review 18:6, November/December 1992
Dead Sea Scrolls Research Council: Fragments

Bits & Pieces

Dead Sea Scrolls Coming to U.S.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are coming to the United States, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

An exhibit of fragmentary scrolls will be shown at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., at the New York Public Library, and in a San Francisco museum. The first stop will be Washington, D.C. in April 1993. After a three-month stay in Washington, the show will move to New York in October.

The fragmentary scrolls are now housed in Jerusalem’s Rockefeller Museum, but are not on display. None of the longer intact scrolls from Israel’s Shrine of the Book will be included in the show. But the exhibit may include at least one copy of MMT, which, some scholars who have seen it say, is a letter from the Teacher of Righteousness, an early leader of the Dead Sea Scroll sect. The Biblical Archaeology Society is being sued in Israel for over $200,000 by Ben-Gurion University professor Elisha Qimron for publishing a reconstructed Hebrew transcript of MMT to which Qimron claims he owns the copyright.

The exhibit will also include numerous artifacts related to the scrolls, as well as photographs. The cost to move the show will exceed $1 million.

Poland Strikes Another Blow for Intellectual Freedom—MMT Once Again Available

The Qumran Chronicle, a journal published in Poland, has announced that an annotated translation of MMT is once again available to its subscribers.

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