Biblical Archaeology Review 19:4, July/August 1993

Queries & Comments

Did She or Didn’t She Know?

I’m 11 years old, and I was reading your magazine when I saw the “Dead Sea Scroll Predictions for 1993” (“Bits & Pieces,” BAR 19:02). You didn’t say anything against, making me believe it was true. Please be more cautious.

Elizabeth Evans Ballston Lake, New York

Dear Elizabeth:

Even your letter sounds as if you knew deep down it was just a spoof, although the super-market tabloid wants you to believe it’s true. It sound to us as if you’re too smart to believe this nonsense. Thanks for writing.—Ed.

So Many Huge Egos and Small Minds

Several years ago I got a couple of copies of BAR because I heard that the magazine carried interesting archaeological information. I read the two issues but never subscribed because it seemed to me at that time the major issue in each magazine was “scientists” carping at each other over who had the correct interpretation.

Recently I received another offer to subscribe and sent for the magazine, hoping that it had improved. I believe it is worse than before. I have never seen gathered together so many huge egos and small minds (except, perhaps, in Congress).

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