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Biblical Archaeology Review, March 1976



Hazor and the Battle of Joshua—Is Joshua 11 Wrong?

By Yigael Yadin

In his article “Hazor and The Battle of Deborah—Is Judges 4 Wrong?” BAR 01:04, Yohanan Aharoni writes (concerning the apparent endorsement by the BAR editor of my view that Judges 4 is “a late inaccurate gloss”): “Don’t reject the historicity of the Biblical text...Read more ›

Found in Jerusalem: Remains of the Babylonian Siege

By Suzanne F. Singer

On the last day of his 1975 season Professor Nachman Avigad of Hebrew University, digging in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, discovered four arrowheads buried in ashes at the base of a massive stone defense tower. The tower was built by the Israelites...Read more ›

Kathleen Kenyon Replies to the "BAR"

By Kathleen Kenyon

As reported in the December issue of the BAR (Queries & Comments, BAR 01:04), at the time we went to press with that issue, we had received no reply from Kathleen Kenyon to the articles in our September issue (“Kathleen Kenyon’s Anti-Zionist Politics—Does It Affect Her Work?”...Read more ›

American "Lawrence of Arabia" Dies

Wendell Phillips, dead at the age of 54, was surely the world’s richest archaeologist. The “riches” part of his rags-to-riches story resulted from hundred of oil leases which gave him the right to extract and sell the black gold. At his death, he was the largest individual...Read more ›

Excavating Anthropoid Coffins in the Gaza Strip

By Hershel Shanks

Trude Dothan arrived at the Gaza checkpoint precisely at eight in the morning. She had left her Jerusalem flat before dawn, had driven westward down the umber Judean hills toward the coast, then headed south toward Ashkelon—3,000 years ago, a powerful city-state within the Philistine pentapolis—now, a...Read more ›

Cache of Hebrew and Phoenician Inscriptions Found in the Desert

By Suzanne F. Singer

Over 100 years ago Edward Palmer explored the Sinai desert and recorded his findings in a still fascinating book entitled The Desert of the Exodus. At a site called by the Arabs Kuntillat, Palmer found some architectural remains which he identified as a Roman outpost on the...Read more ›

From the Volunteer's Viewpoint: History by the Bucketful

By Charlotte D. Lofgreen

“What brings you here?” is a frequent question of introduction when Tell Beer-Sheva volunteers introduce one another. The answers reveal students of archaeology from various universities coming for field experience, others looking for a new or different experience, Biblical students, or volunteers, like myself, interested in archaeology,...Read more ›

Opportunities for Volunteers

Opportunities for volunteers on archaeological excavations next summer are numerous and varied. A new American excavation will sink its spades into a virgin Tell Halif—and is seeking 30 to 40 volunteers. Under the guidance of former Gezer-excavation-director Joe D. Seger, the dig will offer academic credit through...Read more ›