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Biblical Archaeology Review 2:1, March 1976

Opportunities for Volunteers

Opportunities for volunteers on archaeological excavations next summer are numerous and varied.

A new American excavation will sink its spades into a virgin Tell Halif—and is seeking 30 to 40 volunteers. Under the guidance of former Gezer-excavation-director Joe D. Seger, the dig will offer academic credit through the consortium of schools sponsoring the excavation. The program will include lectures, instruction in field methods, area tours as well as actual excavating. Gezer-veteran Dan Cole will serve as associate director; volunteer inquiries may be directed to him at Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois 60045. Staff positions are also available to qualified candidates, especially those with photographic, drafting and surveying skills. Staff inquiries should be directed to Dr. Seger at the School of Fine Arts, University of Nebraska, Omaha, Nebraska 68101.

Entering its fifth season, the excavation at Tell Aphek will be exploring levels from Early Bronze to Roman. More than 100 volunteers will be returning and coming for the first time to this exciting site located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Volunteers may stay a minimum of two weeks or for the entire eight-week season. A credit course will also be offered. Excavation director is Dr. Moshe Kochavi, to whom inquiries may be directed. His address is Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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