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Biblical Archaeology Review 2:1, March 1976

Kathleen Kenyon Replies to the "BAR"

By Kathleen Kenyon

As reported in the December issue of the BAR (Queries & Comments, BAR 01:04), at the time we went to press with that issue, we had received no reply from Kathleen Kenyon to the articles in our September issue (“Kathleen Kenyon’s Anti-Zionist Politics—Does It Affect Her Work?” BAR 01:03), although we had written Dr. Kenyon offering “to publish any response you, or someone else on your behalf, may wish to make.”

Shortly after we went to press with the December issue, we did receive a reply from Dr. Kenyon. However, it was specifically stated to be “not for publication”.

We promptly replied that we would “of course, respect your wishes”. We also suggested a number of matters to which Dr. Kenyon might reply for publication:

“For example, your use of Magen Broshi’s excavation evidence; how all of Weill’s tombs can be cisterns. It would also be helpful to discuss your use of ‘civilization’ in regard to 10th century Israel. You might explain why you regard E, DI, DII, and B [Kenyon’s soundings on the eastern slope of Mount Zion] as representative of all of the southern part of Mount Zion in light of the fact that these soundings missed Broshi’s 7th century buildings.”

Dr. Kenyon then replied with the following letter:

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