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Biblical Archaeology Review, September 1976


Special Section

Megiddo Stables or Storehouses?

I. The Debate Continues

The evidence was puzzling. There were these long, narrow rooms—three to a building (see illustrations). Each of the two side rooms was separated from the center room by a row of stone pillars, rather than a wall. Holes had been cut through the corners of some of...Read more ›

Megiddo Stables or Storehouses?

II. In Defense of the Stables at Megiddo

By Yigael Yadin

After several seasons of excavations at Megiddo, I believe I have proven that the two groups of buildings commonly referred to as “Solomon’s Stables” are not Solomonic but must date to approximately the reign of Ahab.1 However, I do not challenge the conclusion of the original Megiddo...Read more ›

Megiddo Stables or Storehouses?

III. Afterword

Perhaps the most conspicuous omission from Yadin’s article is any reference to his own site, Hazor, where a similar building was found, including shelves between the pillars on which mangers might have been placed. Yet in his Hazor report, despite these inter-pillar installations, Yadin states as to...Read more ›


The Evolution of a Church—Jerusalem's Holy Sepulchre

By J.-P. B. Ross

Father Charles Couäsnonwas already a practicing architect when he entered the Dominican Order of Preachers. Since 1954, he has been actively engaged in the restoration work of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, aimed at repairing the extensive damage caused to the church by fire...Read more ›

How to Save Money on the New Archaeological Encyclopedia

They’re all here. Kenyon, Mazar and Avigad on Jerusalem, Yadin on Hazor, Aharoni on Beer-Sheva, Dever on Gezer, Callaway on Ai, Wright on Shechem, Pritchard on Gibeon, and on and on. With an appropriately ponderous and descriptive title, The Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land...Read more ›

A Temple at Dor

Again the telephone rang. An antiquities dealer was calling the professor. From previous calls, Professor Nachman Avigad of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem knew the antiquities dealer. The two men had come to like and trust each other. Each knew what the other wanted and each was...Read more ›

Israelite Conquest or Settlement? New Light from Tell Masos

By Aharon Kempinski

One of the most vexed problems of Biblical history and archaeology concerns the nature of the Israelite occupation of Canaan. With the occupation, Israel became a nation and at that time its national history begins. However, the Bible itself reflects at least two views of this beginning.Read more ›