Biblical Archaeology Review 20:1, January/February 1994

Queries & Comments

Budding Biblical Archaeologist

I am planning on being a Biblical archaeologist. Next year I’ll be going to high school and will be able to pick some of my classes. When I go to college I plan on taking Aramaic and studying ancient languages of Israel and neighboring lands. Can you recommend some colleges that teach this?

James Kendall Age 15 Washington, West Virginia

Lots of colleges teach Aramaic and other ancient languages, especially ones like Hebrew and Greek that are also modern ones. Let’s talk again when you’re ready to apply. In the meantime, please continue your interest as you proceed in your high school career.—Ed.

The King James Version Was Good Enough for Jesus

I read your letters to the editor each issue and am always amazed at the criticism of your editorial policy. Are there really still people who believe that the Bible was issued as is from God and that to wonder and examine how it came to be is heretical?

Or, as my Uncle Emil used to say, “If the King James version was good enough for Jesus, it should be good enough for us!”

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