Biblical Archaeology Review 20:3, May/June 1994

Queries & Comments

Very Mature Suggestions

My name is Amelia Acker. I am nine years old. I get your magazine. I really enjoy it. I would like to be a Biblical archaeologist when I grow up. Even though your magazine is for adults, I still read it. I think you should do a issue on the Canaanites. I also think you should put in a game or a crossword puzzle at the end of your magazine, maybe even a kid’s page.

Amelia Acker Pasadena, California

These are excellent ideas. We’ll give them serious consideration. Thank you.—Ed.

Poor Reading

As a Bible student and an intense Israel-watcher for at least 50 years, and as a 10-year subscriber to BAR, I have found this last years’ issues less interesting than any of the previous ones.

Second, even with good eyesight—THE PRINT IS TOO SMALL! I have subscribed for ONE MORE year—hoping for improvement in these areas.

Carolyn Gunter Kosciusko, Mississippi

We’ll work on your first suggestion, but I fear the print is going to continue to appear smaller. It’s happening to me, too.—Ed.

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