Biblical Archaeology Review 20:4, July/August 1994

Queries & Comments

No College Grad

I was not fortunate enough to attend college, as some of your editorial writers were. But I have learned a lot about history and archaeology from you. You are the best publication around.

Ralph Robison Cincinnati, Ohio

BAR on a Tabloid Kick

The BAR 20:02 is the poorest I have ever seen in terms of archaeological content: an article on a bureaucracy (the Israel Antiquities Authority), a convention of archaeol-ogists, a Harvard Museum controversy and a heavily padded rehash of Dead Sea Scrolls politics.

I think you have lost your rudder. Please go back to the subject in your journal’s title and get off this tabloid kick. I am interested in a journal on archaeology, not on tidbits of gossip and the posturing and politics of the luminaries in the field.

L. D. Hankoff, M.D. West Hempstead, New York

In the Beginning

As a reader of BAR from the very beginning in March 1975, I have always been amused by the letters to the editor saying “cancel my subscription.” During a snowbound weekend I thought it would be interesting to find the first such letter.

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