Biblical Archaeology Review 20:5, September/October 1994

Queries & Comments

Editor Relieved by Half

I will re-subscribe if you can get Editor Shanks to reduce his “contributions” to the magazine by 50 percent!

Martin Golob Miami, Florida

It’s a deal.—Ed.

Can’t Do Without It

I have a very limited income and cannot really afford to spend much on reading material, but I find that BAR gives me more satisfaction than any other magazine. Sometimes I think that there won’t be any more really interesting “digs” in BAR, but then I get an issue that has some real treasures, and I decide I just can’t do without it.

Lona Moore Woodland, Mississippi

Where Is BAR Coming From?

With all the papers I read each day, I dread seeing my issue of BAR in the mail. Seeing it, and knowing it may be months before I will get a chance to read it, frustrates me. One of my worst fears in life is to die before I’m caught up with my reading.

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