Biblical Archaeology Review 20:6, November/December 1994

Revolution in Bible Study

Put a library at your fingertips

By Steve Hewitt

Imagine if you will a new super Bible. Once you open it, you can do marvelous in-depth study without opening any other book. Suppose you want to study Genesis 13, where Abram and Lot arrived at the plain of Jordan and Lot chose to possess land toward the city of Sodom. Opening this new Bible, you touch the page and a map appears of that region. Now draw a line with your finger between two reference points, to learn the exact distance between them. Tap on the name of a city, and you instantly receive historical information about it. If you touch the word “chose” in verse 11 of chapter 13, a definition from Vine’s Expository Dictionary will appear (bachar, he chose, occurs 170 times in the Old Testament).

You could just as easily pull up other definitions from Nelson’s Dictionary or select related topics from Nave’s Topical Bible. Sound too good to be true? In fact, all this is possible through computerized Bible study.

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