Biblical Archaeology Review 21:1, January/February 1995
Excavation Opportunities 1995

BAR Dig Scholarships

BAR is again offering travel scholarships to individuals who wish to volunteer on a dig. After receiving a record number of applications last year, we awarded four scholarships. Our winners were Pamela Francis, a master’s student at Loyola University in New Orleans; Susan Vida Grubisha, a graduate student of religion at Wake Forest University; Teresa Kim, who was then completing her senior year studying molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale University; and Dennis Diehl, a pastor who told us that although he’d once won a “six pack of Pepsi, this would definitely top that!” Three winners have shared their experiences with us.

Memories of Megiddo

“Someone has to win this scholarship to dig in Israel and it might as well be me,” I remember thinking as I sat down at my typewriter minutes after receiving BAR 20:01. Within half an hour I had made my plea for one of the 1994 opportunities to dig in Israel—specifically, Megiddo.

Four months later the phone rang, and I had won the opportunity of a lifetime!

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