Biblical Archaeology Review 21:2, March/April 1995

Queries & Comments

Is BAR Changing Its Spots?

How refreshing to read in Leen and Kathleen Ritmeyer’s article on “Akeldama—Potter’s Field or High Priest’s Tomb?” BAR 20:06, the following statement:

“As we do not believe that Scripture contradicts itself … ”;

In Anson Rainey’s article on “The ‘House of David’ and the House of the Deconstructionists,” BAR 20:06:

“Davies represents what he and a circle of colleagues call the ‘deconstructionist’ approach to Biblical traditions. … Their view that nothing in Biblical tradition is earlier than the Persian period, especially their denial of the existence of a United Monarchy, is a figment of their vain imagination”;

In Ben Witherington III’s review of What Has Archaeology to Do with Faith? Books in Brief, BAR 20:06:

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