Biblical Archaeology Review 21:2, March/April 1995

Inside BAR

Biblical Archaeology Review

Over 18 months ago, deputy managing editor Steve Feldman, who doubles as keeper of the calendar, notified us that our 20th anniversary was fast approaching (our first issue was dated March 1975), and that if we wanted to do something special, we had better get a move on.

What you hold in your hand has been in the planning stage since Steve called us together to make that announcement.

Actually, what you hold in your hand is only about half of what we have planned. It turned out that our creative energies produced more special pieces than we could stuff into one issue. So we decided to prolong the celebration, like an old-fashioned wedding.

We are going to have our 20th anniversary in two issues! This issue is part one, and the next issue will be part two.

It has been enormously exhilarating putting this together. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed producing it. Altogether it has a pace somewhat different from our usual issue.

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