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Biblical Archaeology Review, May/June 1995


Special Section

BAR's 20th Anniversary

Scholars Speak Out

By Hershel Shanks

What is Biblical archaeology’s greatest achievement? What is Biblical archaeology’s greatest failure? What is Biblical archaeology’s greatest challenge? BAR asked a wide variety of scholars to answer these three questions. Their replies appear below. When we made this request, we worried that there would be too much...Read more ›

BAR's 20th Anniversary

10 Great Finds

By Michael D. Coogan

When BAR’s editors invited me to prepare a list of significant finds for the 20th anniversary issue, I thought the task would be easy. I had already been developing the forthcoming BAS Slide Set on the Hebrew Bible and archaeology, so I figured I could easily cull...Read more ›

BAR's 20th Anniversary

How BAR Changed My Life

When we announced our 20th Anniversary issue last summer, we wanted to be sure to include our readers in the celebration. We asked those of you who have been with us from the very beginning to let us know what BAR has meant to you. We also...Read more ›


Did the Ark Stop at Elephantine?

By Bezalel Porten

Was the Ark of the Covenant taken from Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem during the reign of King Manasseh in the seventh century B.C.E. to an island called Elephantine in the Nile River? Was it housed there in a Jewish temple much like the one King Solomon built?...Read more ›