Biblical Archaeology Review 21:3, May/June 1995
BAR's 20th Anniversary

How BAR Changed My Life

When we announced our 20th Anniversary issue last summer, we wanted to be sure to include our readers in the celebration. We asked those of you who have been with us from the very beginning to let us know what BAR has meant to you. We also asked to hear from people whose lives have been changed by BAR.

We wish we could print all of the wonderful letters we received in response. You will see that we have made a difference in people’s lives. To everyone who wrote, including those whose letters we cannot print for lack of space, we offer our deepest gratitude. Thank you for reminding us why we are doing all this in the first place.

I remember the first time I rode a public bus. I was going to the fair. I no longer remember the details of the fair, but I vividly recall the sensation of seeing old familiar sights from a new perspective. My seat on the bus was several feet higher than my usual position in the back seat of our family car. I could see over fences, into yards that had been hidden before, over the sides of the bridge to the river below. My world had expanded.

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