Biblical Archaeology Review 21:5, September/October 1995

Queries & Comments

Just the Facts, Please

I am not renewing. I am highly disappointed in your magazine.

I want information and not a lot of pros and cons. I get enough of that here. Only facts are what I’m interested in.

B.W. Lucht Pinellas Park, Florida

The Lexington Avenue Express Train to Israel

I read “How BAR Changed My Life,” BAR 21:03, and thought about my own introduction to the magazine.

My husband had the grand idea in 1988 to take our families to Israel. We were straight out of a Neil Simon play. During the trip, my mother-in-law kept referring to her BAR. Because of BAR we traveled to Sepphoris to see “The Mona Lisa of the Galilee.” Although we could not visit the dig, as it had been closed off by the archaeologists, I was hooked. I shortly thereafter subscribed to BAR and I anxiously await every issue. It has become a constant companion when in Israel. Not only have we visited the dig at Ashkelon, but we have also seen several of the erotic oil lamps featured in your article “Eroticism and Infanticide at Ashkelon,” BAR 17:04.

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