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Biblical Archaeology Review, November/December 1995


Special Section

Jerusalem 3,000

A Yearlong Celebration

By Hershel Shanks

This issue inaugurates our participation in the 3,000th anniversary celebration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The mayor of Jerusalem has officially proclaimed 1996 as the year to mark the anniversary. Certainly the 3,000th anniversary of King David’s capture of Jerusalem—after which the...Read more ›


Before History: The Golan’s Chalcolithic Heritage

By Claire Epstein

This is the story of an archaeological adventure that began over 20 years ago in the Golan. It continues even today. In 1973, while making a series of probes along the line of a projected new highway on the Golan Heights, I came upon sherds belonging to...Read more ›

From the Good Book to the Good Disk

By Steve Deyo

Gutenberg would be proud. In about 1456, his invention, the printing press, put Bible knowledge into the hands of laypeople. Now, nearing the end of the 20th century, print products of all types are taking electronic form on diskette, CD-ROM, commercial online services and...Read more ›