Biblical Archaeology Review 22:1, January/February 1996
1996 Excavation Opportunities

Focus on Digs

For some, opportunities for adventure come once in a lifetime; for BAR readers, they come every year in the annual list of digs. Thousands of volunteers, of all ages and backgrounds, from all around the world, boldly set off for excavation sites known to them, perhaps, only as names from the Bible. These volunteers learn the rudiments of archaeology while they sift for the remains of ways of life long past.

This issue provides essential information about digs needing volunteers. Descriptions of each site’s historical significance and Biblical connection begin below.

As the grins of the volunteers pictured in this section show, the work—while neither glamorous nor easy—provides an immense satisfaction that you won’t find at summer camp or at the beach. Make history come alive this summer—join a dig.

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