Biblical Archaeology Review 22:1, January/February 1996

Queries & Comments

Sex and Those Infernal Bind-In Cards

Those infernal advertising cards bound into the issues are ridiculous. In the BAR I received today, I took out 4 “doubles” and 3 “singles.” Do they actually breed?

AAARRRGH! Have mercy!

Miss Red Guernsey Pilot and Engineer Bayport, New York

Strained, Contorted and Tortured

I have decided your magazine is too reactionary and fundamentalistic for my taste. Your interpretations of archaeological finds are strained, contorted and tortured in order to fit your fantasy that the Bible—which undeniably has merit as an allegorical investiture of some wisdom and truth—is a work of history and not of mythology. Your attitude may appease the “inerrant” type of “Biblical scholar” as well as certain nationalistic fanatics, but it does not satisfy the search for truth with which archaeology should be concerned.

Cancel my subscription.

Charles Moyer Peninsula, Ohio
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