Biblical Archaeology Review 22:6, November/December 1996

Queries & Comments

No Apology Needed

BAR deserves kudos for the design changes begun in BAR 22:04. Please do not apologize or hesitate to use the word popular to describe the effort. I have been a subscriber for about three years and have no training in Biblical study or archaeology, just a lifelong interest. My 12-year-old daughter refers to BAR and has taken issues to class on occasion. The new format has doubled her interest.

Popularizing appreciation for and study of science specialties is what extends the life of the discipline.

Dr. Scott G. Howard Denver, Colorado

Three Cheers for the Designer!

Congratulations on your great new look! Kudos to Rob Sugar and his staff for their choice of fonts, graphics and striking layout. I have always enjoyed your publication, but now it is even more of a pleasure to read.

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