Biblical Archaeology Review 22:6, November/December 1996

The Wired Bible

Software programs and Internet resources for Bible study

By Steve Deyo

“Open 24 Hours!”—an apt slogan for computerized Bible study in 1996, thanks to the explosive expansion of the Internet this year. The hugely successful World Wide Web, by far the most widely used portion of the Net, allows you to trace the apostle Paul’s route to Rome, skim Cardinal Newman’s Apologia Pro Vita Sua, update your Bible software with study aids, compare the original Hebrew of Genesis to the latest English translation, and purchase a Bible—at any hour and without ever leaving home.

Throngs of software companies are creating Web sites on the Internet, where some offer free access to Bible resources, allow users to update their Bible software and offer study aids for sale. And the software these companies are offering, whether via the Internet or in stores, is increasingly feature-packed and easy to use—even for beginners. If you have never seen a Bible program in action, do so. No doubt, you’ll want to buy your own copy.

With an eye to helping newcomers as well as old hands make sense of this burgeoning field, this article will survey the most recent developments in software for studying the Scriptures and will take a quick tour of some of the richest resources available on the World Wide Web.

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