Biblical Archaeology Review 22:6, November/December 1996

First Person: Resurrecting the Dead

And other daily problems in magazine publishing

By Steven Feldman

We like to think that we’re able to handle just about every problem that can come up in the process of publishing a magazine. After all, despite the relatively small size of our staff, we routinely put out six issues of BAR each year while balancing the needs of our sister publication, Bible Review (which also appears six times a year—on alternating months with BAR). To complicate matters, many of our articles come from abroad, as do most of our pictures (you should hear some of the creative conversations we hold in pseudo-English with puzzled museum curators in out-of-the-way places all over the globe). Then, too, we have the further complications of having our graphic designer’s firm halfway across town, our color separator (the people who turn color photographs into digital images) in Idaho and our printer in Minnesota.

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