Biblical Archaeology Review 23:1, January/February 1997


Biblical Archaeology Review

Shlomo Bunimovitz and Zvi Lederman co-direct the excavations at Beth-Shemesh. They recently wrote the final report on the Shiloh excavations and are preparing, with Israel Finkelstein, the final report on the Land of Ephraim survey. A lecturer at Tel Aviv University, Bunimovitz wrote “How Mute Stones Speak: Interpreting What We Dig Up,” BAR 21:02. Lederman is an associate professor and lecturer of history and archaeology at Ben Gurion University.

Eilat Mazar is preparing the final report on the Temple Mount excavations conducted by her grandfather, Benjamin Mazar, from 1968–1977. She has directed excavations of the Ophel in Jerusalem and of the cemeteries at Achziv, on the Mediterranean coast. Her publications include Excavations in the South of the Temple Mount—The Ophel of Biblical Jerusalem (in Qedem, 1989).

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