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Biblical Archaeology Review, May/June 1997



Jerusalem’s Essene Gateway

Where the community lived in Jesus’ time

By Bargil Pixner

Mount Zion, the highest spot in ancient Jerusalem, is where I live.a You can’t miss our abbey south of the walled Old City. The squarish, fortress-looking building with the conical roof and four slender corner towers is our church—the Church of the Dormition of Mary. Next to...Read more ›

Tracking the Shapira Case: A Biblical Scandal Revisited

By Fred Reiner

Moses Wilhelm Shapira, a well-known Jerusalem dealer in antiquities and ancient manuscripts, offered to sell fragments of a scroll of Deuteronomy, including the Ten Commandments, to the British Museum, a regular customer.1 Thus, in July of 1883, began one of the most celebrated incidents in the history...Read more ›

Stop the Charade: It’s Time to Sell Artifacts

By Avner Raban

I have been a professional archaeologist for almost 40 years, spending the better part of my career in the field or underwater, excavating and studying archaeological remains. I consider myself a devotee of the “New Archaeology”—more fascinated by data that illustrate ancient technology or...Read more ›

Picturing Imageless Deities

Iconography in the Ancient Near East

By Victor Hurowitz

No Graven Image? Israelite Aniconism in Its Ancient Near Eastern Context Tryggve N.D. Mettinger Coniectanea Biblica, Old Testament Series 42 (Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International, 1995) 252 pp., $27.60 The Iconography of the Canaanite Gods Reshef and...Read more ›