Biblical Archaeology Review 23:3, May/June 1997

Queries & Comments

“Prehistory” Is Impossible

As a new subscriber to your magazine, I have enjoyed some good articles and interesting reports. However, in your report on digs ’97, your mention of a prehistory dig was erroneous. There will be no “prehistory” dig in 1997. This year marks approximately 6,000 years since the world’s history began, when God created the heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1). The terms “prehistory” and “Paleolithic” and “Neolithic” are a mockery of God’s word, the Bible.

Ronald Martin Athens, Wisconsin

Recycle Those BARs

I am a fairly recent subscriber to your magazine, but I must say that I enjoy it very much and look forward to each issue.

I have always been troubled at having to discard the magazine after I finish reading it. As much as I would like to keep all the issues, space limitations prevail. However, I came up with a great solution. I am an aide in our local middle school, and I asked the librarian if she would like to have the magazines. She was very grateful to have them, as they have a limited budget and cannot subscribe to every magazine they would like to have.

So, both students and teachers have your issues to use for research or pleasure. Perhaps some students will be interested enough to consider archaeology as a career.

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