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Biblical Archaeology Review, July/August 1997



Face to Face: Biblical Minimalists Meet Their Challengers

By Hershel Shanks

One of the most controversial issues in modern Biblical studies is the increasingly assertive contention that the Bible is essentially useless as a historical source, even for the period of the Israelite united monarchy (tenth century B.C.E.). David and Solomon, it is claimed, are mythological, not historical...Read more ›

Cow Town or Royal Capital?

Evidence for Iron Age Jerusalem

By Nadav Naʼaman

BAR readers are already familiar with a recent school of Biblical interpretation that denies any historicity to the ancient Israelite kingdom of David and Solomon.1 I call this the “revisionist” school. Others have described these scholars as “Biblical minimalists”2 or even “Biblical nihilists.” Jerusalem in the tenth...Read more ›


Inspiration for Armageddon

By Amos NurHagai Ron

Science is full of cases where researchers looking for one thing end up finding something entirely different, often of great importance. That is what happened to us. For more than 20 years, we have been trying to obtain evidence to help predict earthquakes by...Read more ›

Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Pilgrim eulogiai ensure a safe trip

By Gary Vikan

A modern airline passenger, concerned about safety, will purchase travel insurance. In ancient times, however, travel was far more dangerous, and there was no insurance. Bandits, wild animals and hostile local populations threatened those traveling by land, the standard route to the Holy Land...Read more ›