Biblical Archaeology Review 23:5, September/October 1997


Biblical Archaeology Review

Jeffrey R. Zorn (“Mizpah: Newly Discovered Stratum Reveals Judah’s Other Capital”) is adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University, in Ithaca. He received a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship awarded by the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, for 1995–1996, and has published numerous articles on Tell en-Nasbeh.

Stephen E. Tabachnick (“Lawrence of Arabia as Archaeologist”) is an English professor at the University of Oklahoma. He edited Explorations in Doughty’s “Arabia Deserta” (University of Georgia Press, 1987) and is author of Images of Lawrence (Jonathan Cape, 1988).

Jane M. Cahill (“Royal Rosettes: Fit for a King”) has been co-director of the Tell el-Hammah Archaeological Project at Hebrew University since 1984 and a senior staff archeologist at the City of David Archaeological Project since 1980. She is also a law clerk for a United States District Court judge.

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