Biblical Archaeology Review 23:6, November/December 1997


Biblical Archaeology Review

Writings from the Ancient World

Simon Parker, series editor (Atlanta, GA: Society of Biblical Literature / Scholars Press, 1990- ), paperback, prices range from $16.95-$39.95

Beginning with Sumerian civilization and continuing through the age of Alexander, this ongoing series provides translations of hundreds of documents from the ancient Near East. The up-to-date English translations are aimed at both general readers and scholars interested in gaining a deeper understanding of ancient societies. The anthologies provide a representative, rather than exhaustive, sampling of writing. Titles include Letters from Ancient Egypt, trans. Edward F. Wente; Hittite Myths, trans. Harry A. Hoffner, Jr.; Letters from Early Mesopotamia, trans. Piotr Michalowski; Ancient Aramaic and Hebrew Letters, James M. Lindenberger; Texts from the Amarna period in Egypt, William J. Murnane; Law Collections from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor, Martha T. Roth; Hymns, Prayers, and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry, trans. John L. Foster; Hittite Diplomatic Texts, Gary Beckman; and Ugaritic Narrative Poetry, Simon Parker, et al.

Copies may be ordered directly from Scholars Press, PO Box 15399, Atlanta, GA, 30333-0399,,edu; phone 1-800-437-6692 or 1-700-475-9245.

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