Biblical Archaeology Review 24:2, March/April 1998

Queries & Comments

Divide and Conquer

I have written several times complaining about long articles in your magazines that have more scholarly nit-picking than interesting and informational subject matter. The November/December issue of BAR, however, was great! Lots of variety, brief news items and excellent articles. Thanks.

I plan to subscribe to Archaeology Odyssey. I’m interested in seeing how you divide the subject of archaeology between your magazines.

Marjorie Fellows Riverside, California

So are we.—Ed.

Deeply Offended

I am deeply offended by those readers who find your magazine deeply offensive! Please cancel their subscriptions!

Vicki Stone Portland, Oregon

Background Check

Please stop printing on dark colored backgrounds. It is difficult to read. If this continues, I’ll have to cancel my subscription and ask for a refund.

C.H. Ayers Tucson, Arizona

We agree there’s a problem. We will take up the matter with our designers.—Ed.

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