Biblical Archaeology Review 24:4, July/August 1998


Jerusalem I: From the Bronze Age to the Maccabees

Graeme Auld and Margreet Steiner (Macon, GA: Mercer Univ. Press, 1996) 109 pp., $16.95 (paperback)

With Jesus in Jerusalem: His First and Last Days in Judea

Bargil Pixner (Rosh Pina, Israel: Corazin Publishing, 1996; distributed by CenturyOne, Pasadena, CA) 193 pp., $19.95 (paperback)

Most people planning a trip to Jerusalem wonder which books to take along. In my view, Jerome Murphy-O’Connor’s The Holy Land probably remains the one essential item, with its readable and reliable presentation of the archaeology and history of all the major sites you might visit.1 For those who really want more, nothing surpasses Dan Bahat’s The Illustrated Atlas of Jerusalem, which, though slightly dated, takes you all the way from the fourth millennium B.C.E. to the present, with detailed maps of the changing city and beautiful illustrations on nearly every page.2 But its size makes this a tricky item to pack.

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