Biblical Archaeology Review 24:4, July/August 1998

Queries & Comments

A Lesson from Playboy

I receive both BAR and Bible Review and am glad to have them available. However, in every issue someone tries to explain to you how certain articles and ads have offended them, yet you do not seem to perceive. Maybe you can understand a baser example. If I buy a copy of Playboy, I expect to find pictures of beautiful young females and articles on the theme of the title of that magazine. I would not expect to find, among the beautiful pictures, articles that tell me that these females do not actually exist. Nor would I read articles that demean me for viewing them. I would not expect to read articles that attempt to persuade me to join the celibate because they claim that Hugh Hefner was not a real person.

I am not terrified of “critical” assessments and opinions. Some of them cause much thought. What does offend is the perceived malice of some of your contributors. They almost reprimand me for reading the article that you paid them to write.

Remember the first words in the names of your periodicals. Please abide by truth in advertising or change your name to Biblical Animosity Review.

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