Biblical Archaeology Review 26:1, January/February 2000

Queries & Comments

Humanists Aren’t So Bad

BAR helps my Bible study and my comprehension of the ancient Jewish people and of the Holy Land. God bless you.

While your staff and many of your readers may be humanists (I realize that it’s often difficult for the secular, educated “modern” person to accept the miraculous events recorded in the Scriptures), I still find that your magazine more often than not helps, rather than hinders, my faith. After all, what we call science can only proceed so far.

Jacob Samorodin Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Pointy Heads Are Smarter

In regard to the “What Is It?” pointy hat (Strata, BAR 25:05), many alchemists and magicians of old thought that a cone shape had the ability to focus energy, much like a pyramid. It is not by accident that Merlin is shown wearing a conical hat, as are the witches and sorcerers of old. Those who wore conical hats believed that the energy directed downward into the brain enhanced cogitation and stimulated wisdom and intelligence. The more modern use of the “dunce hat” worn by the least gifted student in class was designed to serve the same purpose.

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