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Biblical Archaeology Review, May/June 2000



The New ‘Ain Dara Temple: Closest Solomonic Parallel

By John Monson

A stunning parallel to Solomon’s Temple has been discovered in northern Syria.1 The temple at ‘Ain Dara has far more in common with the Jerusalem Temple described in the Book of Kings than any other known building. Yet the newly excavated temple has received...Read more ›

Jerusalem as Eden

By Lawrence E. Stager

For ancient Israel, the Temple of Solomon—indeed, the Temple Mount and all Jerusalem—was a symbol as well as a reality, a mythopoeic realization of heaven on earth, Paradise, the Garden of Eden. After King David’s conquest of Jerusalem, the site became the “City of David.” But it...Read more ›

What’s an Egyptian Temple Doing in Jerusalem?

By Gabriel Barkay

Recent attacks on the historicity of the United Monarchy of David and Solomon (in the tenth century B.C.) have focused on the scant archaeological remains that have been discovered in Jerusalem. Based on this, some scholars have charged that there was no significant settlement...Read more ›