Biblical Archaeology Review 26:4, July/August 2000

Queries & Comments

Could Think of Nothing Else

I found your issue concerning “The Search for History in the Bible,” BAR 26:02, to be especially captivating. I have been able to think about little else for the past three or four days.

Norman B. Willis Northport, Washington

Fought to a Draw

BAR’s recent articles on the reliability of the Bible as a historical document and on the views of Philip Davies and William Dever are why I subscribe to the magazine. When the finger-pointing is over and done with, I think both contributors offer credible and thoughtful positions.

If either side in the tenth-century United Monarchy controversy is looking for an archaeological knockout punch, it hasn’t happened, and maybe it never will. Short of a stele or potsherd that claims “King David slept here,” the pursuit of supporting evidence will continue and likely reveal the kind of surprises that to me make Biblical archaeology irresistible.

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