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Biblical Archaeology Review, September/October 2000


Special Section

Jerusalem Update

More Temple Mount Antiquities Destroyed

A personal view

By Suzanne F. Singer

Large-scale illegal construction on the Temple Mount and wholesale dumping of earth in the nearby Kidron Valley resumed this spring. The construction, which is being undertaken by the Waqf, the Muslim religious trust responsible for the Mount, is the continuation of work begun last winter to open...Read more ›

Jerusalem Update

The Missing Millennium in Jerusalem’s Archaeology

By Hershel Shanks

What happened to tenth-century B.C. Jerusalem? This has been the focus of much recent scholarly attention and has engaged BAR readers as well.a The tenth century was the time of the United Monarchy of Israel, the glory days of King David and his son King Solomon. For...Read more ›

Jerusalem Update

2,700-Year-Old Tower Found?

By Hershel Shanks

Life goes on in Jerusalem. And so does excavation. BAR readers will recall the eighth-century B.C. wall built by King Hezekiah of Judah to protect the city from an attack by Sennacherib of Assyria, which was recently discovered by Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron on the eastern...Read more ›

Jerusalem Update

Sacrilegious Neglect

By Hershel Shanks

Jerusalem boasts a new multimillion-dollar archaeological park. We recently reviewed a beautiful new guidebook devoted to this popular park.a Yet steps away from the path prescribed in this guidebook, in the heart of the City of David, the oldest part of Jerusalem, is a rarely visited and...Read more ›


Idol Pleasures

By Hershel Shanks

Perhaps it would be dangerous to mount an exhibit of idols in Jerusalem. So the Bible Lands Museum calls its latest exhibit “The Human Form Divine.” The show consists of nearly 200 figurines from the private collection of super-collector Elie Borowski, who, together with his wife Batya,...Read more ›

Restore the Roman Temple at Kedesh

By Hershel Shanks

If you want to observe the latest scientific techniques being applied in a live excavation and, five minutes later, experience what it was like to explore the Holy Land in the 19th century, before archaeology touched it and ancient sites simply lay in ruins, then go to...Read more ›

The Sepphoris Synagogue Mosaic

Abraham, the Temple and the sun god—they’re all in there

By Zeev Weiss

Sepphoris—“the ornament of all Galilee”1—is a city of mosaics. It seems that wherever excavators dig they turn up mosaics. More than 40 mosaic floors, many of them extremely elaborate, have been uncovered to date. BAR readers are already familiar with the mosaic scene that features the lovely...Read more ›