Biblical Archaeology Review 26:5, September/October 2000

Queries & Comments


A letter to the editor suggests that Hershel Shanks’s mistaken identification of Jeroboam as the son of Solomon resulted from the editor’s having guzzled a jeroboam of champagne to celebrate the millennium (Queries & Comments, BAR 26:03). Your readers may be interested to know that a jeroboam (4.5 liters of Bordeaux or 3 liters of Burgundy or champagne) is not the only Biblical measure of bottle size. Here are others:

Rehoboam = 4.5 liters of Burgundy or champagne

Methuselah = 6 liters of Burgundy or champagne

Salmanazar [Shalmaneser] = 9 liters of Burgundy or champagne

Balthazar = 12 liters of Burgundy or champagne

Nebuchadnezzar = 15 liters of Burgundy or champagne

Only the jeroboam is ambiguous; one must know the type of wine in the bottle to know how much wine it contains.

Roman L. Weill Professor, Graduate School of Business Co-chair of the Oenonomy Society University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois

Wouldn’t Miss Them for the World

My sincere thank you for BAR and Bible Review. I devour their contents and find them endlessly fascinating, instructive and thought-provoking. My mind has never been more stimulated.

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