Biblical Archaeology Review 27:2, March/April 2001
The Age of BAR

Scholars Talk About How the Field Has Changed

New questions, new technologies, new specialties all leave their mark on the way archaeologists work.

By Hershel Shanks

Archaeological periods are not always easy to define; for example, we cannot gauge precisely when the Late Bronze Age turned into Iron Age I. Not so, however, with the Age of BAR. This spring marks the end of BAR’s 25th year of publication, what we call BAR Age I (and the beginning of BAR Age II). How to celebrate such an occasion? When we hit our 20th anniversary, we published “A Short History of BAR”; a survey that asked readers to name the most interesting man and woman in the Bible; comments from scholars on Biblical archaeology’s greatest achievements, greatest failures and greatest challenges; and much more. So much more, in fact, that we had to spread the articles over two issues.

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