Biblical Archaeology Review 28:1, January/February 2002

Queries & Comments

On the Edge

I see letters to you every so often from readers saying that they object to something in the magazine and thus are canceling their subscriptions.

I am not quite to this stage yet. However, the writers of many of your articles clearly do not believe the Bible. They continue to refer to ruins that are millions or billions of years old, when there is no evidence for these statements. They guess, but report their guesses as fact.

These folks refuse to admit that there are such things as miracles. This means that they reject Christ.

I am still a subscriber, but could change my mind.

P. A. Bennett St. Johns, Michigan

Easy Solution

I applaud your courage in publishing articles and photographs that some readers find offensive. To those offended readers I would advise the following: If it displeases you, please turn the page. Do not attempt to place your values and judgments on the cultures of the past. Intolerance is the very thing that perpetuates ignorance, poverty and war.

Thank you for a wonderful publication that brings archaeological news to our homes months before the stories are presented elsewhere.

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