Biblical Archaeology Review 28:2, March/April 2002


Biblical Archaeology Review

David Jacobson (“Herod’s Roman Temple”) holds a doctorate in materials science and is a specialist on the Temple Mount. He has published widely on the Herodian period, including previous articles in BAR and a book, Below the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (with Shimon Gibson), on the Temple Mount’s underground remains, based on previously unpublished material in the archives of the Palestine Exploration Fund.

Nikos Kokkinos (“Herod’s Horrid Death”) recently organized an international conference at the British Museum, The World of the Herods and the Nabataeans. He is the author of Antonia Augusta (Routledge, 1992) and The Herodian Dynasty (Sheffield, 1998). Formerly a research fellow at the Institute of Archaeology in London, he has excavated at sites in Israel, Syria, Turkey and Greece, and he is currently planning a survey of Herodian ‘Peraea’ in Jordan.

Philip J. King (“Of Fathers, Kings and the Deity: The Nested Households of Ancient Israel”) is an ordained priest and professor emeritus of Biblical studies at Boston College; he is also past President of the American Schools of Oriental Research, the Catholic Biblical Association of America and the Society of Biblical Literature. Co-author Lawrence E. Stager, who has written widely on ancient Mediterranean cultures, is Dorot Professor of the Archaeology of Israel, Harvard University; director of the Harvard Semitic Museum and director of the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon.

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