Biblical Archaeology Review 29:3, May/June 2003
Assessing the Jehoash Inscription

Fool The Experts

Make a convincing fake and win $10,000!

Object: To make a facsimile of The Jehoash Inscription that will fool the experts.

The recently disclosed Jehoash Inscription has divided the scholarly world. If it is authentic, it would be the first royal Israelite inscription ever found. Some experts, primarily epigraphers and linguists, are sure it is a fake; others, primarily geologists, are just as sure that it is authentic. Those who claim it is a fake say that the patina, which coats even the cracks in the stone and the incisions of the letters, can be manufactured so that it would fool the experts (see First Person).

If you, or a group, are ready to take up this challenge, please contact us, stating your team’s qualifications and plans. We will choose the most qualified application or applications and provide up to $4,000 to cover the costs of producing the fake, including the cost of obtaining a stone and reasonable travel expenses. The fake should replicate all aspects of The Jehoash Inscription, including the inscription itself, the cracks and the patina. Portions of the prize money will be awarded for four different aspects of the reproduction. If there is more than one winner, the prize money will be divided among the winning applicants. (See detailed rules at below.)

You have nothing to lose, so start planning your application today. Applications must be submitted by November 1, 2003. Submit yours to:

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